St. Timothy Lutheran Church

COVID-19 Reopening Grant


Community Foundation


All funds will be used directly in preparing the church to reopen for indoor worship.

We are thrilled at St. Timothy to be the recipient of a $4,000 grant from the Chautauqua Foundation for the purpose of reopening our church for indoor worship!

This grant will be used to purchase the many supplies and signage needed to reopen our building for both indoor worship and church meetings.  There are a number of CDC recommendations and NYS guidelines we must follow for indoor worship such as taking temperatures, plastic shields between the congregation and the pastor and assistant liturgist and appropriate signage through the building.  

With this grant, we are also able to completely shampoo and sanitize the carpet and upholstry throughout the building.

Our Reopening Committee is committed to providing the safest environment possible for our congregation to open our doors for inside worship.  This grant from Chautauqua Grants is making it all possible!