St. Timothy Lutheran Church

These hours reflect the schedule of both Pr. Ivy and our Administrative Asst, Fran Ward.

   Monday       Office Closed  due to COVID

   Tuesday       Office Closed due to COVID    

                        Pr. Gauvin - Work from home 9-5

   Wednesday  Office Closed due to COVID

                         Pr. Gauvin  - Work from home 9-1

   Thursday      Office Closed due to COVID

                            Pr. Gauvin - 9:00 - 5:00


   Friday           Office Closed due to COVID

                         Pr. Gauvin - Home Visitations

   Saturday      Office Closed due to COVID


Office hours of Pr. Gauvin subject to change.

We can be reached by:

Phone:  (716) 386-7280

Pr. Gauvin's Cell:  (716) 904-0855


Website:  Contact Us

Facebook:  St. Timothy Lutheran Church