St. Timothy Lutheran Church


                                                                       September 19, 2021

                                                                     Mark 9:30-37


Scripture readings

for Sunday, Sept. 19

Jeremiah 11:18-20

Psalm 54

James 3:13--4:3, 7-8a

Mark 9:30-37

30[Jesus and the disciples went on] and passed through Galilee. He did not want anyone to know it;31for he was teaching his disciples, saying to them, “The Son of Man is to be betrayed into human hands, and they will kill him, and three days after being killed, he will rise again.” 32But they did not understand what he was saying and were afraid to ask him.

 33Then they came to Capernaum; and when he was in the house he asked them, “What were you arguing about on the way?” 34But they were silent, for on the way they had argued with one another who was the greatest. 35He sat down, called the twelve, and said to them, “Whoever wants to be first must be last of all and servant of all.” 36Then he took a little child and put it among them; and taking it in his arms, he said to them, 37“Whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me, and whoever welcomes me welcomes not me but the one who sent me.”


          For our community of faith as we seek to do God’s work in the world.

          For those in our congregation and community who suffer silently with illness, financial burdens, and family obligation.

          For people affected by coronavirus, their families, essential workers, doctors, nurses, aides, those working in nursing homes, etc.

          For victims of wildfires, flooding and earthquakes.

          For Pastor Ivy Gauvin, Gene Heil, Roy Pihl, George Balcom, Beverly Klang, Trudy Fetzner, Thom Shagla, Matt Isaacson, Dave Bentley, Joe Gauvin, Emerson Allaby, Karen Brown and Sarah Van Staalduinen, those serving in the military and law enforcement and their families, including Ben Wickerham, those caught up in violence and war who have no safe home in which to live.

          For all children, that the love of Christ may reach them through all of us who have resources to love, protect, pray and provide for them.

          For the ELCZ Evangelical Lutheran Church in Zimbabwe and ELCZa Evangelical Lutheran Church in Zambia.


Names will remain of the Prayer List for a month - at which

time it will be taken off unless, or course, there is still a continued need

for our prayers and we’re asked to keep the name on.


Preacher Schedule


September 19 – Frann Wilson (Communion)  Strudwick Baptism

                     26 – Katie Castro

October         3 – Katie Castro

                     10 – Frann Wilson (Communion)

                     17 – Frann Wilson (Communion)

                     24 – Katie Castro

                     31  - Pr. Ivy Gauvin

***COVID update

Vaccinated – no mask required, 6’ social distancing not required, hymnals available


Unvaccinated – masks remain mandatory, social distancing recommended

We continue to have our offering plate at the back of our church and not pass the plate.  We will also continue to remain at our seats during communion with individual cups. 


                            DRIVE IN SERVICE

on FM 98.3


Well, summer is almost over, 96% of our congregation is vaccinated and we’re getting more and more of our congregation coming into the sanctuary to worship.  All indications that we no longer need the Drive In Service over the radio.


HOWEVER, when both the Reopening Committee and the Council met this month, we discussed that a few of our worshipping members and friends were still unable to come into the church.


THEREFORE, we have decided as of Labor Day to basically phase out the drive in service as far as the work involved with special bulletins, longer preludes, advertising, etc. BUT “flip the switch” to FM broadcasting for anyone sitting in the parking lot.  The ushers will still bring out a regular bulletin and communion to those parked outside the sanctuary  and they can listen to the 30-40 minute service.  We don’t want anyone to stop coming to worship because they have to enter the church!


BUT HEAR YE, HEAR YEwe miss all of you listening at home or enjoying the service in your cars!  We miss catching up at the coffee hour.  We miss that fellowship and ‘face to face’.  We miss our body of believers worshipping together in the sanctuary.    Consider this a personal invitation to join us again inside to worship after Labor Day.


AS ALWAYS, the staff and Council appreciate so much the resolve of everyone to keep worshipping, caring for each other and supporting our ministry throughout this entire COVID nightmare.  THANK YOU!


Reopening Committee

Church Council


PS – Of course, if COVID comes roaring back and inside worship is no longer advisable, we’re back to square one.

5 Loaves & 2 Fish Backpack Ministry

Gearing up for 21/22 School Year


It’s time to start thinking about donating your time and/or items of food to the 5 & 2 Ministry at St. Timothy serving Bemus

Point and Chautauqua students. We will resume packing bags on the 3rd Tuesday of the month and would love to have you respond to Gale Svenson-Campbell if you’re able to help.


We are also in need of Slim Jims and 1.5 oz bags of pretzels.  (anything too much larger won’t fit in the bag.)  Sam’s Club no longer has a ready supply available to order.


As always, we’re excited to start up for another school year.  Fighting childhood hunger in our community one child at a time!


                        5 & 2 Ministry Food Bins Donated to Date: 93

***While Pastor Ivy is out recuperating, you can contact Pastor Heather Allport-Cohoon if there is a need for pastoral care. She can be reached at 716-708-6466.

***ONLINE GIVING now available at St. Timothy for Debit/Credit cards.   3 ways to give:

   - Go directly to our website at

   - Use our QR code with the QR reader on your smartphone

   - Download the app ‘GivePlus Church’. Create an account.   

For further information, see Kathy Carlson on Sundays or call her at 485-1316.

Calling All Runners, Walkers, Strollers, and More 

Announcing the LOM Run4Camp 5K, a remote fundraiser for LCLC and other participating camps across the Lutheran Outdoor Ministries (LOM) network.


Who Can Participate: Anyone old enough and capable enough to run, walk, hike, etc. a distance of 5K (3.1 miles).


When: October 24, 2021 (or whatever day and time between 10/17 and 10/24 works best for you). You can participate synchronously or asynchronously.


Where: In your own neighborhood, on you own treadmill, in a mall, or in your favorite park. Make sure it's safe!


How It Works: Click here for a complete informational flyer. In a nutshell, runners donate $25 to LCLC to secure their spot in the Run4Camp 5K. They then recruit 5 or more sponsors who donate $5 or more directly to LCLC. LCLC receives 100% of donations made to LCLC. The more runners and the more sponsors, the better.


For more information call 716-386-4125 or email


Thanks in advance for your support and participation. We hope you'll get moving

for LCLC!

Lake Chautauqua Lutheran Center



Julie Grindle

There is a relatively new phenomenon that has come on the scene in the era of social media known as the “fear of missing out.” It is a paranoia that stems from always knowing what everyone else is doing because we are constantly posting about our lives on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We watch what others are doing, where they are going, what they are buying and we think…”why didn’t I do that, go there, buy that…etc.” And we, of course, then want to do those things, go those places and buy those things. The rub is that people only tend to post the good things happening in their lives on social media – I’m not sure we would fear missing out on the parts of people’s lives we don’t see posted – the fear, the heartbreak, the anxiety, the depression. The sacrifice. 


In the Gospel, the disciples argue about who might be the greatest – they don’t want to miss out on the prize, whatever that will be, and the glory that undoubtedly comes with it. Mark says they didn’t understand Jesus’ teachings and were afraid to ask. So instead, they build a parallel narrative where life will be fine, where they (and Jesus) come out winners. And Jesus‘ response? Hold the selfies. Hold the ego. Hold your incessant need to be on top no matter the cost. Those things are of little use in God’s kingdom and worse, get in the way. Instead, walk with the lowest and the most vulnerable. Honor them as you would the Christ. 


Walking the way of the cross can only be one of humility, sacrifice and the death of our old self. And because of Jesus’ death, it is also the way of freedom, resurrection and abundant life! We have nothing to fear. Christ walks with us. Thanks be to God!