St. Timothy Lutheran Church


  August 25, 2022


1 Timothy 6:6-19     

The Message     



Scripture readings

for Sunday, Sept. 25

1 Timothy 6:6-19

Psalm 146

Luke 16:19-31


Pastor Ivy Gauvin

We all work so hard throughout our lives to get ahead, so we are not living from paycheck to paycheck. I remember some 80 hour weeks when I went to work, came home to take a nap and eat, then left for my second job, working until 9 pm. I could hardly see straight. Not only that, but I wasn’t working to acquire more and more, but just to barely get by. Paul is not criticizing those who work a lot per se, but those who want more and more and more–who just cannot seem to acquire enough to satisfy themselves.


Paul describes two kinds of wealth: the first springing from “A devout life.” Wealth may follow, but that’s not what the devoutness is about. I just love the way Paul describes it as “the rich simplicity of being yourself before God.” Have you ever felt that way? Can you just sit and talk to Jesus as your friend, imagining him sitting beside you?


The second kind of wealth is physical wealth, money and what accompanies it. Paul says, “Lust for money brings trouble and nothing but trouble. Going down that path, some lose their footing in the faith completely and live to regret it bitterly ever after.” That’s serious stuff and again Paul isn’t talking about supporting your family, having enough for food and clothes and your meds.


Paul sums up his instructions to his dear friend, Timothy, with words for the rich. Summarizing his message, Paul says if the wealthy do as he tells them, “…they’ll build a treasury that will last, gaining life that is truly life.” Those words, “life that is truly life” are like a neon sign. We’re to go after real life, not some phony, empty promise.


Let us pray. Gracious God, give us diligence to seek you, wisdom to perceive you, and patience to wait for you. Grant us, O God, a mind to meditate on you; eyes to behold you; ears to listen for your word; a heart to love you; and a life to proclaim you; through the power of the Spirit of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. Amen.

(adapted from ELW Additional Prayers)



6-8 A devout life does bring wealth, but it’s the rich simplicity of being yourself before God. Since we entered the world penniless and will leave it penniless, if we have bread on the table and shoes on our feet, that’s enough.

9-10 But if it’s only money these leaders are after, they’ll self-destruct in no time. Lust for money brings trouble and nothing but trouble. Going down that path, some lose their footing in the faith completely and live to regret it bitterly ever after.

11-12 But you, Timothy, man of God: Run for your life from all this. Pursue a righteous life—a life of wonder, faith, love, steadiness, courtesy. Run hard and fast in the faith. Seize the eternal life, the life you were called to, the life you so fervently embraced in the presence of so many witnesses.

13-16 I’m charging you before the life-giving God and before Christ, who took his stand before Pontius Pilate and didn’t give an inch: Keep this command to the letter, and don’t slack off. Our Master, Jesus Christ, is on his way. He’ll show up right on time, his arrival guaranteed by the Blessed and Undisputed Ruler, High King, High God. He’s the only one death can’t touch, his light so bright no one can get close. He’s never been seen by human eyes—human eyes can’t take him in! Honor to him, and eternal rule! Oh, yes.

17-19 Tell those rich in this world’s wealth to quit being so full of themselves and so obsessed with money, which is here today and gone tomorrow. Tell them to go after God, who piles on all the riches we could ever manage—to do good, to be rich in helping others, to be extravagantly generous. If they do that, they’ll build a treasury that will last, gaining life that is truly life.

  •     For our community of faith as we seek to do God’s work in the world.

          For those in our congregation and community who suffer silently with illness, financial burdens, and family obligation.

          For Karen Johnson, Mary Peterson, Kay Marker Magneson, Roy Pihl, George Balcom, Trudy Fetzner, Thom Shagla, Norm Wolff, Sarah VanStaalduin Stephen Gilboy, Charlene Hunter, Joe Gauvin, Emerson Allaby, Karen Brown, Tom West, Eileen Beichner, John Gingrass, those serving in the military and law enforcement and their families, including Ben Wickerham, those caught up in violence and war who have no safe home in which to live. 

          For all children, that the love of Christ may reach them through all of us who have resources to love, protect, pray and provide for them.


Names will remain of the Prayer List for a month - at which

time it will be taken off unless, or course, there is still a continued need

for our prayers and we’re asked to keep the name on.




Rates remain medium for our area.  No masks required to worship indoors.



Healthy Bones Returns


Healthy Bones has started up again at St. Timothy, going

through next May – 35 weeks in all.  There is room for

more people if you would like to take advantage of this 

great opportunity for some low stress exercise and getting

together with a great bunch of people.


Days:  Monday and Wednesday

Place:  St. Timothy Fellowship Hall

Time:  9:00 – 10:15 am


There is currently NO CHARGE for the program for at least the first 10 weeks.   Stay tuned…


If interested, contact Cherrie Clark at (716) 499-3116  cell     or     (716) 386-3105   home



              5 Loaves & 2 Fish Backpack Ministry

Our first packing is in the books. We packed 300 bags of food to be distributed through mid October.  We can always use more hands, so if you're able to give

an hour once a month, we can use you.  

3rd Tuesday of the month

7-8 pm

Fellowhip Hall

Click this link to volunteer:


Fighting childhood hunger in our community one child at a time!

                  5 & 2 Ministry Food Bins Donated to Date:  101


***ONLINE GIVING now available at St. Timothy for Debit/Credit cards.   3 ways to give:

   - Go directly to our website at

   - Use our QR code with the QR reader on your smartphone

   - Download the app ‘GivePlus Church’. Create an account.   

For further information, see Kathy Carlson on Sundays or call her at 485-1316.


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The new Bible study is called All Anew. It's a 3 week study. Week 1 is Say 

Goodbye to Nice. Week 2 is Stand with the Least of These. Week 3 is Upend the Tables. There's a lot of material in each lesson, so depending on what the group wants to do, it could go longer than 3 weeks. Here is a link to the material if people want to follow along at home.  


Sunday, September 25, 2022

  Worship 10:00 am

  Coffee Hour

  Bible Study


Sept.26 & 28 Healthy Bones 9am

Sept. 29 Tai Chi 9:30 am and 12:00pm

Sept. 29 Choir 5pm


Did you know almost 30% of Jamestown residents live in poverty? The Bielicki Financial Team will be collecting items to support the St. Susan Center soup kitchen and food pantry at this Thrivent community event. Enjoy the beautiful Roger Tory Peterson Institute while learning about Thrivent's generosity programs and a little bit about Long Term Care insurance. There will be plenty of time to see the artwork as well as enjoy cocktails and charcuterie. Event is free for Thrivent members and their guests, age 21 and over. We kindly ask you to bring a donations of canned fruit and vegetables. 

No products will be sold. 

Please RSVP by October 6, 2022.

Click the button below or call Debra Kroening at 716-695-2200.

Dates, Times & Locations

Thursday, Oct 20

05:30 p.m. - 08:00 p.m. Roger Tory Peterson Institute

311 Curtis Street

Jamestown, NY 14701 Join Us 

During business hours that day I will be available for private meetings at St. Timothy Lutheran Church at 3748 NY-430, Bemus Point, NY 14712. Please call our office to schedule an appointment time.

Dale Bielicki, Financial Associate, Bielicki Financial Team

“Trust in [God] at all times, O people; pour out your heart before [God]; God is a refuge for us” (Psalm 62:8).

Dear friend,

Over the weekend, several disasters made the news. Here are some of the biggest ones:

     In Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, Hurricane Fiona brought torrential rainfall and devastating flooding to the islands. Almost exactly five years after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico is again experiencing an island-wide blackout and damaged buildings and infrastructure. Lutheran Disaster Response is working with the Caribbean Synod to develop an immediate response in impacted communities.

     In Alaska, the remnants of Typhoon Merbok have caused widespread flooding along the state’s western coast. This was one of the worst storms in recent decades in Alaska, with strong waves and heavy rainfall damaging homes, seawalls, roads and other infrastructure. Officials are planning a quick relief period before the water freezes. Lutheran Disaster Response is working with the Alaska Synod to address the needs of those impacted by the storm.

     In Japan, Typhoon Nanmadol hit Kyushu, the country’s southernmost main island. At least two people were killed and dozens more injured in the storm, which moved northward over Honshu. Wind gusts of over 145 mph and heavy rainfall caused at least one landslide and damaged homes and businesses. We have been in touch with the ELCA’s global personnel in Japan.

     In Papua New Guinea, a 7.7 magnitude earthquake hit on Sep. 11, with ensuing aftershocks. At least three people died, and many buildings and roads were impacted. There is a strong Lutheran presence in the impacted area, including a Lutheran nursing school connected to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea (ELCPNG) that was damaged in the earthquake. We have been in contact with the ELCPNG to discuss a possible response.

     In Pakistan, the summer monsoon flooding is causing a widespread humanitarian crisis. The flooding has killed 1,500 people and up to 7 million people may be displaced. Lutheran Disaster Response is contributing to an ACT Alliance appeal that addresses the needs of flooded communities. Through the appeal, local partners will provide food, temporary shelter and bedding, rebuilding materials and psychosocial support.

These are just the disasters that made the biggest headlines. There are countless smaller disasters that don’t make the news. With your gifts to the Lutheran Disaster Response general fund, we can respond to as many as possible – whenever and wherever they strike.

Again and again, you show up for our neighbors impacted by disasters in the United States and around the world. Thank you. Please join me in prayer and partnership to support all those impacted. 


Thank you