St. Timothy Lutheran Church

It is Spring—in spite of what the weather looks like. If we orient our

thoughts to only what we see, then we miss out on the truth of God

working beneath the surface. As we approach holy week, the time we

remember the last hours of our Lord’s life before his crucifixion, the

scene is anything but happy.

For the disciples, their friend and Lord who they traveled with and

learned from for the past three years will be leaving. They don’t

understand it, but Jesus keeps mentioning it. Whatever it is, I’m sure

they thought it would be bad.

As hard as Maundy Thursday and Good Friday are, they are not the

end, but just the beginning. On Easter, Jesus rises from the dead—

conquering sin, death and the power of the devil. Death is so hard to

deal with in this life. This year we’ve already lost several people. They

are now part of the church triumphant.

The repercussions of death make us sad. If we concentrate on what

we see, we may miss the work God is doing out of sight. Just as the

disciples and the women who traveled with them were mourning

Jesus’ death, God was working to raise him from the dead. Boy were

the women who went to the tomb surprised at what they saw, or

maybe I should say didn’t see. There was no body there for them to

anoint. It was gone because Christ had triumphed.

I pray that in spite of the loss and difficulties of the past couple of

years, that you will be able to enjoy time with family and friends this

Easter. With the absence of loved ones who may have died, I pray

that God will comfort you with good memories and God’s presence.

I’d like to share with you the second verse of the Easter hymn, “Christ

is Alive! Let Christians Sing."

Christ is alive! No longer bound to distant

years in Palestine, but saving, healing here and now,

and touching ev’ry place and time.

ELW 389

This is my prayer for you, that the living reality of Jesus Christ and

your relationship with him would comfort and guide you now and


God’s peace,

Pastor Ivy

April's Message


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