St. Timothy Lutheran Church

How’s your summer going? Are you drinking in the sunshine, thanking

God for it? Are you enjoying splashing in the water, either lake or pool? I

go to the Boys’ and Girls’ Club pool in Jamestown 2-3 times a week and I

thoroughly enjoy my time in the water, or as Ray calls it, “synchronized


While in or using water in any way, Martin Luther taught we should

remember our baptism. What does this mean? “Often, for Lutherans, part

of remembering our baptism each day is a way of daily dying and rising,

confessing and hearing again God’s words of forgiveness. We also

sometimes call it, ‘Walking Wet.’ This is a way of life, where we regularly

remember who we are as baptized children of God, washed of our sins,

welcomed into the family of God, and sent forth to serve and to follow

Jesus in this world as we share that grace God has given us with others”

( Here’s a link to an article that has some neat ideas about

ways to remember our baptisms.

Luther recommends that when we wash our faces, we remember that

Christ has washed away our sins, just as soap and water cleanse the dirt

from our faces. That happened for us when we were baptized. In the

pool, when the water washes over me, I think of God’s love washing over

me. Then I think of all God has done for each of us in Christ in baptism.

We have been privileged to have a couple of baptisms already this year,

and a third is just around the corner. This too presents an opportunity to

reflect on our own relationship with God as individuals and as a

community of faith.

It’s much easier to think about our relationship with God on beautiful,

sunny days, isn’t it? I get excited each evening when we have a glorious

sunset. One friend talks to God about it when she experiences rainbows,

sunrises, sunsets and such things, saying, “Now you’re just showing off!”

I love the particularly intimate relationship she has with our God.

In some of our families, big changes are happening this month. For us,

our granddaughter, Grace, leaves on the fourteenth to move to Charlotte,

NC to begin college at UNC Charlotte. This is a seemingly unbelievable

milestone. How did she get so big? We all have these experiences with

our nieces, nephews, children and grandchildren. We commit all our

graduates to God’s care as they spread their wings and move on to their

next stage of life.

May God bless and keep you this summer in your recreation and rest

and work and play.

God’s peace,

Pastor Ivy

Pastor's Message

August 2022

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