St. Timothy Lutheran Church

Our Staff


Rev. Ivy Gauvin

Administrative Assistant

Marge Fiore

Director of Music

Gale Svenson-Campbell

Our Mission Statement

“As a Christian fellowship, empowered by God’s love and saving grace,

we seek to serve our neighbor in word and deed.”

About Us

Our Services

Worship is the heart of our life together.

    It is reverent and rooted in tradition,

    yet with relevant sermons that connect

    with everyday life.  We also embrace the

    contemporary style of worship with our

    Joyful Spirit Praise Band.

    Our gatherings send us forth to live

    as God's people in the world.

At St. Timothy Lutheran Church you will

    find a spiritual home

    where all are welcome,

    where we treasure the diversity

    of the whole human family,

    and grow into a more authentic,

    real community.

As a rural congregation in a tourist area

    we have a welcoming heart,

    a passion for justice,

    an openness to questioning,

    and a deep reverence for the earth,

    the wonder of life,

    and the presence of God  

    in both suffering and joy.

1st Sunday of the Month

This is a blended traditional service with

communion at the altar rail.  We sing traditional hymns with either the piano or Joyful Spirit Praise Band.  The service is projected onto a screen.

2nd Sunday of the Month

This is a blend of the traditional service and the contemporary service.  The Joyful Spirit Praise Band provides the music and we sing both contemporary songs and traditional hymns.  The service is projected onto a screen.

3rd Sunday of the Month

This service is a contemporary service with communion.  The Praise Band leads us in worship with contemporary music which is projected onto a screen.  Communion is by intinction in the center aisle.

4th and 5th Sundays of the Month

These services are a blend of the traditional and contemporary services led by the Praise Band.