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St. Timothy is now a Donation and Packing Site for the 5 Loaves and 2 Fish Backpack Ministry - fighting childhood hunger in our community, one child at a time.  

This faith based ministry was started by Laurie Beckerink and Jen Heiser in the Clymer Central School in a effort to reach children who are hungry or at risk. For some children, the two meals they receive in school Monday through Friday are the only meals they will eat.

5 and 2 Ministry is currently packing and placing bags of food in student's book bags at Clymer Central School, Sherman Central, Ring School in Jamestown, Chautauqua BOCES and Bemus Point Elementary in various elementary grade levels on Friday afternoons to supplement the food they may or may not receive at home over the weekend to fight childhood hunger.

Food is collected from area Donation Sites, brought to Clymer and St. Timothy to be placed into bags and delivered to participating schools.  Teachers then put the bags of food in children's book bags on Friday when they are attending specials and out of the room.

Beginning in January of 2018, St. Timothy became a Donation Site.  And then quicky became Packing Site. Our bags go directly to Bemus Point Elementary School.   We are asking for specific items of food - or monetary donations- to be used for the 5 and 2 Ministry.  Food items are listed below with specific sizes to fit easily into the bags. specific foods are chosen with the lowest sugar content and nutritional value.

This ministry is ongoing - with the hopes of increasing a grade level every year in every school.  Donations are vital for the program to thrive.  

More information is available by visiting their website link above.

Laurie Beckerink - Temple Talk

Laurie and her husband, Chris


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